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How works Fix your wordpress Check your wordpress errors
Our website fixes errors with your ftp connection. Our tool is free because some users pay a donation.
Here is a list of the errors that we can repair::
  • A completely blank page, the dreaded "white screen of death".
  • Plugin Errors: When the error is caused by a plugin..
  • Theme problems: a problem with the theme can cause WordPress and WordPress administration (wp-admin) to fail completely.
  • Server errors such as: 403 Forbidden , 404 don't found, 500 server error (There has been a critical error on this website) or Error 522: Connection Timed Out
  • Detect incorrect server configurations and correct them.
  • The message "Briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance. Check back in a minute" which we can remove.
  • Memory problems "Fatal error: Allowed memory size of ..."
  • Problems with the database, such as "mysql errors"
Note: Our software doesn't repair all the temporary errors which can rapidly appear and disappear.

How WPerroFixer works?

How WPerroFixer works?

Whenever changes are made WPerrorFixer always takes a copy of your old file, renamed with wperrorfixer.php at the end, to ensure you can always back out any changes. Similarly whenever we modify a file we always add a comment to the line which has been modified.

We check your WordPress using our checker WordPress error tool; if this finds a known error, or errors, then it is probable that our software can fix it.

You can't update your WordPress because you have an error with a new version

The following can be tried if you cannot update your WordPress because on completion of your update you get a white screen, or an error 500 , or an error 522, or a fatal error message. Your back-up can be used to repair your WordPress, but you may find yourself without the necessary functionality to do updates securely. In which case:

1. Make a backup of your files and database

2. Press 'Update your WordPress'. The error should reappear.

3. Use WperrorFixer to fix the error in the update version either automatically or by using the instructions that Wperrorfixer provides for a manual fix. If the updated version cannot be fixed then restore your version from the back-up files and database.

WPerrorFixer is always looking to provide automated solutions for WordPress errors. When developing these solutions we consider the frequency of the error occurring and the complexity of the automated solution (particularly where there is a comparatively simple manual alternative) and allocate our resources accordingly. Eventually we hope to cover all potential WordPress errors but how soon we can do this depends on the uptake and popularity of WPerrorFixer and the feedback and the donations we get from our customers.

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